About Untravel

Born and raised in Mumbai, up until the age of 24, the only city I had “seen”,  was my mother’s hometown – Agra. And even of these visits, that happened during every school summer vacation, I hardly had any recollections.

So today when I tell you I’m just a regular girl with a dream to travel, you must believe me. It was only in the summer of 2014, when I finally plucked the courage to quit my job, and took the plunge to discover the other side of India. My first trip as a solo traveler was to Himachal, and today, it is almost two years since I left my life in Bombay to settle full-time in the greener and more lovable mountain city of Dharamshala! 

With my blog, I want to invite you to  join me on a virtual journey, as I try capturing the unseen beauty of India and reciting the unheard tales of our incredible culture! 

Let’s untravel, shall we? 🙂